Comprehensive Planning
Hall Consulting develops Comprehensive Plans for Towns, Cities, and Counties.  We specialize in Comprehensive Plans that meet the State of Georgia’s “Local Planning Requirements”.  We complete plans for communities of all sizes, from the smallest town to the largest county.  We can also help communities with specific components of their plans, such as visioning or Short Term Work Programs.

Outreach and Public Involvement
Planning is enhanced by outreach and public involvement. Local residents can provide valuable input as plans are developed.  A good public involvement program ensures that plans are consistent with the needs of the community.  Our team can design and implement public involvement programs for Comprehensive, Land Use, and Transportation Plans, and for other planning efforts.

One of Marilyn Hall’s specializations is public involvement.  She has extensive experience designing and implementing public involvement programs for Comprehensive Plans.  She has helped the public articulate their visions in Morgan, Henry, Newton, and Upson Counties, Georgia and for the cities of Moreland, Sharpsburg, McDonough, Hampton, Stockbridge, Covington, Jefferson, Talmo, Jefferson, and Thomaston.  Also, she managed the Broad River Community Watershed Project.  This project was a community outreach and education program sponsored by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

Urban Planning Studies
Urban Planning Studies apply modern urban planning strategies to specific issues.  Urban Planning Studies can provide ideas and solutions to a broad array of challenges that face local and county governments.  We address questions like, “What code enforcement strategies would work in my community?” and “How have other communities dealt with downtown parking problems?” 

Capital Improvements Planning
We can assist City and County departments in scheduling projects based on available funding sources. Work products can include revenue sufficiency analysis, growth projections, spreadsheet models, recommendations for user fees and/or rate revenue increases and revenue bonds, and description and schedule of projects. Funding sources may include system-generated revenues, user fees, general fund, state and federal loans, revenue bonds, sales tax, general fund transfers, and grants.

Plan Implementation
One of the specialties of Hall Consulting, Inc. is plan implementation.  We develop implementation strategies that reflect the unique needs and characteristics of each of our communities.  We can help even the smallest town find the resources it needs to implement its Comprehensive Plan.  Hall Consulting, Inc. helps local residents and decision-makers develop policies that guide their communities toward their established visions. 

Impact Fees
Impact Fees can be used to help pay for capital facilities.  The fees must be proportionate to the impact of the new development on the city or county services.  In Georgia, impact fees can be collected for libraries, roads, public safety, stormwater, and parks. Impact Fees can also be collected for water and wastewater facilities; however, connection fees are the preferred method. Our planning team can develop equitable, defensible impact fees. Impact Fees require the development of a Capital Improvements Element that is reviewed by the Department of Community Affairs (DCA).

Ordinances and Design Standards
The Hall Consulting Team can create Overlay Zoning Districts, Tree Ordinances, and other ordinances that provide development criteria for all future development.  Our Team can create community support and enthusiasm for creating overlay districts and other development regulations.   We assist residents and landowners in developing a vision for their communities and create design standards and code amendments that guide development toward that vision. 

Projections and Trend Analysis
Ms. Hall has an extensive background in developing population projections and analyzing trends in economic development, housing, and related fields.  Ms. Hall developed population projections for the White House Utility District in White House, Tennessee as well as for several Comprehensive Plans and other planning studies.  Hall Consulting, Inc. uses information collected from interviews with local experts and combines it with established economic development and population projection resources such as Woods and Poole and the US Census for trend analysis.  

Envision Sustainability Professional

Ms. Hall is a certified by the Institute For Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI).  She can work with your construction team to guide infrastructure projects toward ISI Envision certification.  The ISI Envision system measures sustainability in infrastructure projects through the measurement of five categories: Quality of Life (QL), Leadership (LD), Natural World (NW), Resource Allocation (RA), and Climate and Risk (CR). These contribute to overall credits for the positive social, economic, and environmental impacts in a community in the planning, design, and construction of infrastructure projects.